Friday, June 12, 2015

Five For Friday [June 12]

I made it one of my goals for this month to figure out how to do the five for Friday and do at least one for the month!  I'm so excited for my first five for Friday to be this week!!

This was the last week of school! We finished school on Tuesday.  It was a really long year but I learned a lot from all that I went through. There are so many last minute things to do with the end of the year.  These were the "We had a ball this year" tags I found on TPT for free to make attach to the beach balls that were a part of my student gifts.
Now that it's officially summer, I enjoyed getting to sleep in a little bit and spend more time with this girl!!  She's pretty stubborn and pretends she doesn't really care if we're around, but deep down, she loves us and just wants to know we're here with her.

After three years at my school, my husband and I have decided to move further south.  I have had so many amazing and life changing memories at this school over the past three years! I bought a house while working here, started dating my husband, was proposed to in this classroom, got married, and now am taking a huge leap of faith to move forward!

We're heading to VEGAS today to spend time with my Grandpa and my aunt who are in town.  I'm so excited to get to see them and enjoy their company!! It'll be a HOT weekend so we're for sure going to be at the pool!!

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