Monday, June 15, 2015

Common Core State Standards Folder Labels

Last summer, I spent hours writing out each CCSS on little labels and attaching them to file folders to revamp my filing cabinet.  Last year was the second year my school implemented the math CCSS and the first year we were going to be focusing on the ELA standards.  I took out all of my old CST files and replaced them with th common core files.

I use my files everyday to organize all of the lessons, papers, activities, task cards, graphic organizers. ISN pages, and tests we use with our curriculum.  Having these files labeled and organized by standard is a LIFESAVER!!

On top of my filing cabienet, I had a paper sized basket where I put papers I need to file but that I don't have time to file right that minute.  Every few days, I'll take about five minutes to file these papers away.  The whole system is REALLY effective and helpful.

Over the year, I decided to revamp my files by making these lables that can easily be printed out on any Avery mailing label.  I LOVE them!!  I am in the process of making them for multiplegrades, but currently I have them for 3rd grade and half of 4th.

I've divided the subjects up and then combined them as a bundle.  I will be posting them for each grade level as I go along!

Here are the bundles for each of the grade levels K-4:

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