Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ideas for next year!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it's so close to the end of year year! We have just 21 student days left.

About a month ago, I hit a metaphorical wall.  The wall you hit when you realize that any *new* idea you come up with between now and the end of the school year would be best saved for the following school year.  I know we all hit that wall!!

When it comes to remembering things I want to do, I always feel like I'm holding a million imaginary balloons, each with it's own unique idea or task.  It sounds silly, but stick with me!! I'm holding all of these balloons, and when a new idea pops into my head, here comes another balloon to add to my bundle.  It almost feels as if adding this balloon makes one of my current balloons escape from my grasp as if to make room for the new one.  Anyway..

Usually I try to jot these ideas down in a little notebook that I vow to always keep with me when ever my inspiration for the next year hits!  I can not tell you how many times I completely fail at doing this!! I end up with a million little note books, pads of paper, or post-it note collections scattered around that take more effort to collect than I had anticipated.

This year was different!! I realized that I have this amazing little gadget I take with me everywhere that was fully capable of storing all my new ideas for next year: my iPhone.  Oooooh, how have I never thought of this before?!! I know so many of you out there have probably stumbled upon this idea ages ago, but somehow it was like unlocking a whole new level of organization!

Displaying image.png
I love being able to have this list with me where ever I go!

I started adding items to my list with just enough information and detail that I'll remember them when I have a few minutes to carve out some preparation for next year.  Looking over these items, I see a lot of things I want to look out for on TPT or as I scour my favorite blogs.  This list validates my "wow this is a great idea!" without overwhelming me by trying to remember it until I have actual time to work on these things. 

What types of things are you keeping on your "ideas for next year" list?

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