Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fix-It's - Or.. How I reevaluate student work and have them check overtheir work **expecially on tests**

My school day is SO short! We get all of our minutes in we need to, but time goes by so quickly and we move at such a fast pace.  While I love it, one of the biggest downfalls is the lack of time for us to review work we have done.  We don't have a lot of class time dedicated to meaningfully going over any of our past assignments or tests.

So............ I created this "Fix-It" page to help combine my reassessment with a meaningful way for students to review their work as a "must do" type of assignment.  It gives kiddos the chance to review their work and fix their mistakes.

Fix-It pages have my students go back and "fix" the questions or parts they missed on an assignment or a test.  It also gives room to have students explain why they missed the original problem.  I LOVE this part because it has the children go back and evaluate their mistakes and learn about their learning (I kind of love metacognition.....).

I LOVE using these pages on tests most of all.  The school year is so short (though it sometimes seems long!!) and there are so many concepts to cover that it can be SO hard to reevaluate how students are doing on certain topics.  I typically grade tests, enter them into my grade book, and then pull out any test where the student earned less than 80%.  I see 80% as a significant marker that the student knows the concept and can be pretty consistent.  Anything under 80% shows me the student is struggling with a consistent and universal understanding of the material.

I staple a Fix-It page on any of the tests under the 80%.  I also color coordinate the Fix-It pages for the trimester.  This year, I did yellow Fix-Its for first trimester tests, and blue for second trimester tests.  This helps it stand out to me when the test was originally taken and lets me easily show this to parents during conference time.

At the top of each Fix-It page, I write in the student's original score on their first attempt along with whatever trimester that was.  On the edge of the Fix-It page are blank lines for the child to write in the numbers of the questions that missed originally.

Next, I write down the name of the assignment or type - in this case it's the standard we're working on for math.  I write their original score and I leave the outer two columns blank.  I fill in the date for when the student has actually completed the Fix-It page and their new or "final" score on the assignment.
Score Recording - this is not currently included in my fix it packet on TPT at the moment.

I don't pass these back out to students right away.  This is important to mention because if the student doesn't get it the first time around, I don't feel like they will get the concept any better the  next day or a few days after the test.  I typically like to hand these back after about two weeks.  In this time, we've had spiraled review in our math wall and our homework.  I feel this practice helps fill any gaps and that students are more able to see and fix their mistakes when they come back to them.  Depending, I might wait until the 1st trimester is over to give them any test from 1st trimester.  This allows me to see their growth over the trimester and give them a new grade toward that 2nd trimester.

When the kids turn them in, I collect them and grade them again according to the question.  I record their new score on this same score sheet as above with the date they actually did the Fix-It page.  I keep their tests in their folders for conference time.  I use this data tracking page to help me with my grades at report card time in addition to my grade book which is super helpful!!

Recently, my kids have been having to slow down and fix their Fix-Its.  Sometimes they look back at their missed problems and only do half of the problem or sometimes they forget to do a missed problem altogether.
Overall, I've seen a HUGE improvement in my students' understanding of their learning.  From these Fix-It pages, most students notice they do the problems TOO fast and need to slow down.  Other kids say "Oh my gosh! I remember taking this test when I didn't understand multiplication and now I know my division!" or "I can't believe I missed this! It's so easy now!!"

I love the accountability these Fix-It pages require for my kiddos.  I've had a great response from parents as well.  One parent recently said "keep those Fix-It pages coming!!"

I'd like to give a freebie Fix-It product to the first three that comment with their e-mail address! I hope they will work well for you!!



  1. I do something similar but I like how you have yours so well organized! It's important to go back and learn from mistakes! Congrats on your new blog!


    1. Thanks Susan!! Leave your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy :)