Friday, May 22, 2015

Let me tell you about my new best friend... or my new digital best friend... my new digital and free best friend!

A computer app that uploads your files and folders to a convenient website, accessible by all of your devices, anytime, anywhere!

Here are 5 things I LOVE about
1. You get 15GB of free storage just for signing up
2. When you sign up from someones referral link, you get 5GB extra free storage
3. For anyone that you refer to, you get 5GB more free storage
4. You have a digital copy of all of your files.. should you ever need to recover your data!
5. You can log into from any device and have access to all of your files right there!!

Seriously.  My MacBook Pro crashed last week and I was.. horrified.  I called Apple Care and the (very hopeful) guy over the phone had me run some tests to figure out what was wrong.  He sounded so hopeful, but the news wasn't good :( In the end, any solution that would resurrect my MacBook involved wiping it clean.  Erasing everythingSayonara.  Adios. 

I know I totally need to back up my files.  I have many of them on my external already, but I don't remember when I last plugged it in and backed it up.  That's the trouble with backing up your files.  You actually have to DO IT instead of just THINK about doing it.
Of course, I took it to a place in hopes of recovering the data before everything was erased.  I paid $150 dollars, but I walked away with 140GB of my data on my external hard drive.  Whew.  I didn't have too high of hopes for the data recovery, but I was happy they were able to get the data off after all.  What I didn't expect, is that every single file had been renamed to "unknown############." Every single file.  What's even worse is that each file had been taken out of it's folder.  Now I have a million (140GB worth) of files all labeled "unknown######."  I have quite the job ahead of me in going through each file, one by one!

Yes, I was totally bummed out about my files - all of my files for work, my personal pictures, documents, and TPT products that I've been creating were all part of the tragic mess of "unknown########." 

This is where comes in!  My school/work files were all in my file on my computer.  Everything saved into my folder on my computer is automatically uploaded FOR FREE to my account.

Once I got my MacBook back up and running, all I had to do was login to my account and download my folder to my computer.  Instantly, all of my school/work files were back in business!!

Check it out.. seriously, you have nothing to lose :)


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