Thursday, January 5, 2017

What is a Common Core Gradebook?

Is your gradebook a mess? Does it make it difficult to get organized for report cards? Mine was that same way! Grading and report cards are already tedious tasks.  I set out to create a gradebook that would be efficient in all the right ways!! The motto "work smarter, not harder" was my driving force! 
I LOVED my Common Core Gradebook so much that I made it for grades Kinder through 6th to help other teachers too!  There is an ELA version and a Math version of each one, and a bundled option to save money on them as well!

I made a few short videos to show you more about how the gradebook works!

I am constantly finding new ways I like to use my gradebooks.  There are so many things you can do with them!

There are two versions in each gradebook - a "condensed" and an "extended" version.  I use each of the versions for different things.

The condensed version is my go to when organizing data for report cards especially.  I also like to use this version to collect standard based test scores.  In this short video I talk about how I color code my condensed version!

The extended version is probably the main reason I created these gradebooks - it makes it SUPER easy to organize and collect standards based data in an easy to see way so that I'm not searching through my gradebook to find things all connected to one particular standard.  It's all laid out with the extended version!

 Here are some more odds and ends I wanted to point out!

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