Saturday, May 28, 2016

Closing out the end of the Year

Wow! It's been a busy year and I can (almost) hardly believe we just have a few school days left!  I think right now we're at 17 more school days!

With the end of the year coming up, my mind is thinking of all of the final things to do to close out the year:
-Report cards
-Sending home student work
-Sending home student items
-Organizing supplies for the summer
-Giving students end of the year gifts
-Giving my parent volunteers gifts

With all of that to think about, this year is a little different! As I write this, I'm 37 weeks pregnant! I'm due just 4 days before school gets out.  I finally decided last week that I'd work until June 13th (a Monday).  Since I'll be making sub notes and plans for my "long term sub" I decided I'd take that weekend to make sure all of my plans were ready to go and then I'd be able to make copies when I was at work on the 13th.  Also, my sub will shadow me on the 13th. 

So... there also lies my "to do list" for things baby related!

As we wrap up the end of the year, my main focuses are on getting assessments finished to complete report cards, plan for my "long term sub," and to get all of my students' work and supplies sent home!  Then something cute and simple for student gifts.  I'll get Starbucks cards for my wonderful parent volunteers!

What are you doing to wrap up the end of the school year?

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