Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday [July 10]

I am so excited each week to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  I LOVE getting to know other teacher bloggers each week!  I love seeing the fun things everyone does each week outside of teaching!

 When my sister was visiting last week, she shared her Victoria's Secret perfume stick thing with me.  It was SO amazing.  I loved it!! I wanted to swing by Victoria's Secret right away to pick up my own, but instead, I went online and found it.  It was actually on clearance for about $9 so I bought two!!  They came this week and I LOVE them!! I just tried to find it on the website to link up, but they are no longer available :(

 I've been enjoying the "cooler" weather lately, though my husband says that its going to be getting really hot here soon!  Eeek!! I actually wore a sweatshirt and jeans all day the other day.. and I live in Southern California!! Anyway, it's been beautiful to stay home and work on my TPT products.  I even found that there is a bird's nest huddled into the rafters of the deck just above ours!

I'm enjoying staying home and one of my favorite things about being here is being able to spend more time with this girl.  She has so much of a personality and she's pretty stubborn, but I enjoy her each and everyday.  I feel so blessed to be her human "mama!"
 Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I went shopping today!! I haven't gone shopping in over a year!! You can find out here the 10 things I learned from not buying clothes for a WHOLE YEAR..

I went to my FAVORITE store - ROSS - and found a couple of goodies!!

 Seriously - CHECK OUT THESE PANTS!! They were made out of the most AMAZING material I have ever worn.  Oh my goodness.  They fit like yoga pants BUT I think they are regular pants haha! What do you think? I LOVE them!! I even asked one of the sales ladies at Ross if she thought they were yoga pants or regular pants.. and she said REGULAR : )
 AHH I love them!!
 One thing I've noticed has come out as one of the newer trends are these flowy kimono type tops.  I have LOVED seeing my friends wear them and I was so excited to find this cute one.  I can do so much with it! I also got this black and white striped pencil skirt.  I LOVE it! I've seen these pencil skirts a lot and was so excited to get one!  It was only $7.
These two finds were super exciting too.  A cream/ivory tank that's flowy with a racerback and a zipper for less than $6.  Then a brownish/dark mauveish crochet type sweater.  I have a million of these types of things and they are always my favorite.  I love them so much.  This was the one thing I was hesitant to buy in the realm of "Do I need this?" but I always love them so much so I figured I'd go for it! It was the most expensive of everything - $13.
Lastly.... SCREEN CASTS!! Have you ever made a screen cast? I made a few this past school year for my grade level to show/explain how to do things and it was so fun!  It's actually addicting!!  Last week I posted a screen cast about organizing product links for TPT and it was a huge success.  I loved knowing it helped others.

This week I posted a post with four videos about how I create my collage previews.  Check it out here!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. I love your screen cast projects. What a great (and thoughtful) way to share information. Thank you!
    Oh, and cute clothes! You really scored well on that front!

    1. Thank you so much Marion!! The screen casts have been fun! Actually kind of addicting :) I hope to do more when I find things that would be good to share :)

  2. Love those pants!!! So cute! Also love your screen cast about organizing, perfect! Thanks!
    Moore to Learn

    1. Awww thank you so much Kristen!! I realized I could wear them with boots too!! Yay!! I have to go check on your five for Friday this week too! :)

  3. Hello! Love your blog. I am stopping by from the Facebook page CA TpT Tribe. I am also in So. Cal. My name is Indrea. I love the pants. I go to Ross often. Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Target are my addictions. And I am learning a few (well a lot) of new things. Now I have added the 5 for Friday and screen cast to my must know list. Glad I happened along here.

    Your new follower


    1. Hi Indrea! Thank you so much for stopping by!! I hope the screen casts were helpful :)