Sunday, July 5, 2015

Circle Punches = Life Savers

I created these two products with circle punches in mind:
ABC Sorting Mats

I knew I wanted the pieces to be circular and easy to use so I planned for the "letter chips" (as I like to call them) to be 1" and 1.10" to be able to cut them out easily!

I've been looking at Joann's and Michaels for the right size punches, but I typically can't find the right size in stock at a decent price.  I bought one at Michaels but when I got it home, it didn't cut very well, so I need to take it back.

I decided to check Target and I found a 1.5"!  I was surprised to find one at Target!! I still needed to find a 1" for the products above.  I checked Amazon and ended up finding a 1" and a 1.25" that together would cost less than one of those at Michaels or Joann's!  Thanks to Amazon Prime, the two punches came in the mail today!!

The one on the right is the one from Target.  It's 1.5" even though it looks a lot smaller!!  The two on the left are from Amazon.  The farthest left is 1" and the middle is 1.25". 

I was so excited to try them out that I printed out one of the letter chip pages from the HFW Spelling Mats. This page has the letters at 1.10" so that when they are punched out they wont accidentally have any white around the edges.  The circle punches are awesome because you can actually see where you are cutting so it's REALLY easy to line up the circles!

I plan to print them out and then laminate them before I actually punch them out.. But I was so excited to try it out I didn't want to wait to laminate them just yet.  These are AWESOME and I'm already thinking of a bunch of other uses for them!!

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